Camping In Desert " Night At Thar Desert"

Our Camp which started desert camps just next to Sam Dunes.Our guests have the pleasure to view the dunes from their camp window and enjoy accommodation with Maharaja style bedroom, attached with a modern washroom and one verandah (sitting space attached with every camp). We give completely equipped camp accommodation with electricity bathroom facilities so we provide home experience to our travelers. You can feel like living in pure nature as well as you can enjoy the Rajasthani heritage in our gorgeously built tents having Verandah, 24 hrs running water, bathrooms with all modern amenities and centre room. We have an open air restaurant in order to add to your gaiety, joyous and experiences. We provide Camps in Jaisalmer with all types of facilities.

Just in the center of our Camp there is a Large dining room (a large Camp) which serves some of the finest Jaisalmer Cuisine prepared by the finest local chefs who have been in the business of cooking Rajasthani cuisine since 1500 AD. Along with this we arrange a weekly cultural night where we serve some of the finest Rajasthani Buffet along with musical evenings from the local singers of Thar desert, Rajasthan folk dance, puppet show and fire dance organised by the famous Jaisalmer Cultural club. Something that if you miss, that your trip to Sam San Dunes & Jaisalmer is incomplete.

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